Riley: regret the top salary to renew the arrival of Bosh Wade makes me very sad

Heat president Pat Riley has set up the Big Three team, the team to build a champion of the division, but some of his signing operation also attracted a lot of controversy. In an interview recently, Pat Riley said he regretted the top salary renewal Bosh, let go of Wade.

Time has been nearly a year, brought Wade to leave the Heat to join the Chicago Bulls thing, Riley is still not happy. “I knew that he did not think I had enough effort on the renewal issue,” Riley said. “When Wade said no, I was so sad that I wanted to be in front of him and then told him why I could not fight for him.”

Pat Riley said that at that time, Wade’s agent Henry – Thomas directly to the Heat boss Mickey – Allison asked for the contract, not himself. And before the interview, Wade talked about Riley had said, “He did not show that he wanted me to stay there.”

In an interview, Riley said that in 2014, he should not give Chris Bosh a 5-year total value of $ 119 million contract. Because the contract, only to Wade after two years, can not get more pay. Due to physical health reasons, Bosh’s career may have ended.

This season, Wade played in the Bulls 29.9 minutes, you can win 18.3 points and 4.5 rebounds and 3.8 assists, shooting 43.4%. The first round of the playoffs, Wade played 34.3 minutes per game, you can win 15.5 points 4 rebounds and 3.3 assists, shooting 41.4%, but the three-point shooting reached 44.4%.

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