Rocket fierce men pushing the referee ban two games does not affect the Rockets playoffs

According to “Houston Chronicle” senior reporter Jonathan – Fagan reported that the rocket player Zinanu – Onuku because in the NBDL finals shoving a referee, was suspended for two games, will miss the rocket against the Spurs series Race.

Onuaku height 208 cm, 20 years old, the Secretary of the center, is the Rockets 2016 total 37th overall pick. As a rookie player, he failed to enter the team rotation, 2016-17 season, a total of only represent the Rockets played five games, averaging 10.4 minutes played, get 2.8 points 2 rebounds and 0.2 blocks, hit rate of 71.4%, if converted To 36 minutes, he can get 9.7 points, 6.9 rebounds and 0.7 blocks.

In the rocket campaign during the playoffs, in order to cultivate Onafu, the Rockets will be assigned to the development of his alliance snakes team effectiveness. He helped the snake team out of the Thunder Development League subordinate team almost NBDL finals. But in the finals, the snake big score 1-2 loss to the Raptors under the development of the league team Raptors 905 team, missed the championship. In the third game of the two sides, the serpent team to 96-122 defeat to the opponent, Onuke mood out of control, pushing the referee was suspended.

Onuaku was banned after the rocket did not significantly affect. Rockets now the starting center is Clint – Capella, the replacement center is inside, two people carved out the rocket center position of the playing time. Because after entering the playoffs, the Rockets coach Mike – D’Antoni 8-man rotation, the bench only inside, Eric – Gordon and Louis – Williams get reuse.

Inside the state surprisingly good, in the game against the Thunder 5 games averaged 13.6 points and 6.6 rebounds and 0.6 blocks, hit rate as high as 84.8%. Which in the April 24 rocket 113-109 victory over the Thunder game, inside the audience 12 of 12 shots, got 28 points and 10 rebounds, creating a historical record to help the rocket to complete the reversal.